jueves, mayo 19, 2005

El conocimiento abierto... en Holanda y en los países del Este

por Ramon

Retomando el tema del Conocimiento Abierto que comentamos hace días aquí tenéis otro granito de arena, tal cual aparece en The Register (por cierto que, mira tú por donde, ahí tenemos a George Soros otra vez...)

Scientists from all major Dutch universities officially launched a website on Tuesday where all their research material can be accessed for free. Interested parties can get hold of a total of 47,000 digital documents from 16 institutions the Digital Academic Repositories.
Aside from bibliographical information, the content can be full text, or even audio and video files.
The initiative is clearly not welcomed by commercial scientific publishers
In Hungary, financier and philanthropist George Soros is also backing a new effort to provide free and unrestricted access to scientific and other academic literature.